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Free Drawing CAD blocks library for architects.

A collection of free CAD blocks for architecture

Block Catalog for AutoCAD

Good day, a respected software user from the great Autodesk.In the design process, standard objects are created that are later used in many industries, thereby speeding up the design speed. But most designers do not want to share their best practices, because It is their intellectual property.
In general cases, this is correct, but among them there are those who contribute to this world and share their blocks, thereby freeing up more time for new work or for relaxation. And so we have collected for you the most juicy collections from the Runet space, as far as possible the base will be updated, so stay tuned.

Free Cad Block Site - Download Drawing in DWG

You can also offer us your selection of blocks, thereby making life easier for many people.Let the free distribution of block collections for AutoCAD begin !!

Dynamic blocks of metal and other.
The first archive is presented to your attention - dynamic blocks of structural elements of various series. These are dynamic blocks of floor slabs, corrugated board, foundations. The main gem of this archive is the dynamic metal rolling blocks according to STO ASChM-20-93.

The dynamic block of the reinforcing mesh.
Next, we have a very agile and multifunctional assistant for reinforced concrete designers, this is the section block of the reinforcing mesh. In the block you can adjust the outlets, the diameters of the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement, as well as mirror the location of the rods.

Static blocks of trees and shrubs
For landscape design, we suggest you download a selection of blocks of shrubs and trees. It is a pity that unlike dynamic blocks, they do not differ in such high mobility, but they also do not help badly in the design process.

Static blocks of people and cars.
Often when designing interiors and exteriors, for a better perception by the customer of the situation, it is necessary to place people and auxiliary objects, such as cars, on the drawings. Therefore, save yourself a gallery of blocks of people and vehicles.

Blocks of furniture and sanitary equipment
The main of the requirements for designing floor plans is the indication of bathrooms and restrooms. To quickly identify them, use images of plumbing equipment. Drawing it every time is pointless. Therefore, save yourself these blocks of plumbing equipment for AutoCAD. As well as blocks of the most commonly used furniture (beds, tables, cabinets).

Blocks of construction equipment for AutoCAD
To create PIC and PPR projects, blocks of construction equipment are simply necessary. And we give you the opportunity to download them right here)

Library of 3D furniture blocks and its 2D projections.
For those who are engaged in visualization, this archive is a real find. Here, a lot of 3D blocks of furniture for the auto cad are assembled, and for further correct designing the design of projects there are projections of this furniture on the plans.

Blocks for electricians.
As we know the scope of AutoCAD is very wide. Therefore, it is used not only by designers in the construction field but also in the design of electrical systems. And for them we have stored this archiver. In it you will find blocks of analog and integrated circuits, as well as classic designations of the most common circuit elements (transistors, resistors, coils, etc.)

This section contains drawings of parts and assemblies made in AutoCAD. All of these drawings can be downloaded. But they can be used only as a model for our own development of the necessary documentation, both technological and design.
AutoCAD is the best offer from the entire available software product created by Autodesk, which allows you to create three-dimensional and two-dimensional models.
Therefore, it is not surprising that it occupies a leading position among similar computer-aided design programs, CAD systems. AutoCAD is used by both the architectural and engineering industries. As a graphical basis, AutoCAD is also used in the mass of CAD programs that specify geometric descriptions of projects. According to a rough estimate of experts, approximately 70% of all drawings are compiled on the basis of AutoCAD, for the creation of which the automated mode was used.
Designing in three-dimensional space without the appropriate skills, both objects and processes. All drawings and projects created in AutoCAD are compiled into a common digital base.
The ability to change the parameterization of the drawing (structure, part), that is, depending on the new task, change the parameters of the previously created similar drawing. Possibility of presentations and cartoons. Convenient preservation of paper archives in digital format, as well as much more.